CCRCs to Become LPCs?

Leading Age announced this week that they are proposing a new name for CCRCs: Life Plan Communities.

What is it about all these name changes? First we have Health Care REIT becoming Welltower, followed by ALFA becoming Argentum. Now Leading Age, which already changed its name several years ago, has proposed that the industry adopt a new name for CCRCs, coming up with “Life Plan Communities.” A lot of people have had a desire to get away from the alphabet soup acronyms that are so common (ALFA, ASHA, AHCA, AAHSA), but these acronyms do make it easier at times. Will the new name become LPCs? That sounds a bit clinical to me, but who knows? Life Plan Community is actually not a bad choice, and I know people wanted the “care” component out of any new name so they could stress lifestyle, or in this case, life planning. But one criticism I have is that the name change came out of the not-for-profit association, with just one provider on the committee and no for-profit providers on the committee. We hope at least a few for-profits were asked for input. Otherwise, it is a bit arrogant to select a new name and expect others to fall into line. The worst outcome would be if the CCRC provider sector split in half, with some opting for the new name and others staying the course. What happens then, they have to explain the difference to the consumer, when in fact there is none? What do you think?


2 comments on “CCRCs to Become LPCs?

  1. As a marketer, my immediate thought is, I like it. It gets right to the point.

    Many inquiries I meet don’t recall the 4 letter acronym; however, many are educated about the concept of a CCRC.

    I’m all about keeping it simple while getting right to the benefit.

    Happy selling!

    It’still a joy to serve!

    Keel Wheless

  2. Hi Steve — a Life Plan Community enthusiast sent me your post asking me to respond and I am so happy to do so.
    As a member of the Project NameStorm Task Force — and as an employee of LeadingAge — I want to assure you and your followers that Life Plan Community is for ALL currently named CCRCs. Five of the seven task force members work with for-profit CCRCs and felt they represented their interest in this endeavor. All five said the for-profits had an equally challenging time communicating around Continuing Care Retirement Community as much as the not-for-profits.
    And we very much hope providers and consumers use the full name — Life Plan Community — and not the acronym. This name allows for a conversation that’s expansive and aspirational and shortening it will only be a barrier. I hope you will visit to view the research and learn more about how to begin using the term.

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