Does Size Matter in Seniors Housing?

Last week, we took a look at the relationship between the size of the skilled nursing facility and the price it sold at, according to statistics from our just-published Skilled Nursing Acquisition & Investment Report. And like skilled nursing facilities, the larger the seniors housing property, the higher price paid for it, generally. That is […]

What Happened To Assisted Living Prices?

The assisted living sector fell back to earth in 2018 and dragged the rest of the seniors housing sector with it, according to the soon-to-be-published Seniors Housing Acquisition & Investment Report. Following three successive years of steady increases and a record-high price per unit in 2017 of $221,250, assisted living properties sold on average for […]

Preliminary 2018 M&A Results Are In

The preliminary numbers are in, and 2018 has shattered the previous record for healthcare M&A deal volume with 1,850 transactions announced, and counting, according to Deal Search Online. That is more than 200 deals more than the previous record of 1,617 transactions announced in 2017. Of the 591 deals that disclosed a price across all […]

Skilled Nursing Prices Hold Steady

Despite numerous headwinds, an aging supply and decreasing national census, skilled nursing facility prices stayed remarkably steady in the past four quarters. In the 12 months ended September 30, 2018, we recorded an average price of $81,900 per bed for skilled nursing sales, up 4% from the previous four-quarter period and up 0.7% from calendar […]

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Independent Living Prices Drop

Independent living prices dropped in the four quarters ended September 30, 2018, but not as sharply as assisted living did. Buyers paid on average $219,600 per unit for independent living communities, down from a near-record high of $241,300 per unit during the last four-quarter period. Why the smaller drop? The IL market has seen much […]