• Covenant Living Communities Expands in Illinois

    Covenant Living Communities and Services enlisted Chicago-based construction company, Leopardo, and Atlanta-based architects, THW Design, for a $66.5 million expansion project at the assisted living community Covenant Living of Northbrook in Northbrook, Illinois. This expansion involves the construction of three new three-story carriage homes,... Read More »
  • Meridian’s November Transaction Volume

    Meridian Capital Group’s Senior Housing and Healthcare Platform, led by Ari Adlerstein and Josh Simpson, closed $176 million in transaction volume in November 2023. The team recently arranged $48.7 million in financing from a commercial bank along with a $5 million A/R line for the acquisition of two skilled nursing facilities with 300 beds in... Read More »
  • Developers Secure LIHTC Equity for Indiana Project

    Brown Capital Group, Leo Brown Group and Rogers Development Group are teaming up on a new seniors housing development in Indiana. The trio will open Reserve on Park Place, a 187-unit affordable senior apartment building in Fort Wayne, in April 2025. The three-story community will have 15 studio, 136 one-bedroom and 36 two-bedroom units for... Read More »
  • Construction Coming to a Close for NY Development

    FilBen Group, an owner/developer, and its equity partner RSF Partners are nearing completion of their $54 million seniors housing development in Montebello, New York, in the Lower Hudson Valley. The four-story Braemar at Montebello will be complete in 2024 and feature 133 total units. Of those, there are 66 studio, 14 one-bedroom and 53... Read More »
  • REIT Divests Washington State Seniors Housing Asset

    Blueprint’s Behavioral Healthcare and Seniors Housing Team worked together to sell a seniors housing asset in Bremerton, Washington, on behalf of its nationally recognized healthcare REIT owner. The property was identified as an ideal candidate for either a behavioral healthcare provider, based on strong demand and reimbursement in the state, or... Read More »
60 Seconds with Swett: CCRCs Still Ahead on Occupancy

60 Seconds with Swett: CCRCs Still Ahead on Occupancy

Ziegler recently came out with its analysis of the latest NIC MAP occupancy statistics for CCRCs, or LPCs, and the sector continues to outperform the separate seniors housing and care sectors. For independent living units, the average occupancy for CCRCs was 90.5% compared with 84.2% for IL units not within a CCRC. In the assisted living sector, AL units within CCRCs were on average 87.5% occupied, versus 83.1% outside of CCRCs. Memory care averaged 86.5% occupancy within CCRCs and 83.4% outside of them, and skilled nursing beds were 83.6% and 82.2% occupied, respectively, although CCRCs have been shedding their SNF beds over the last several years and the beds remaining would... Read More »
60 Seconds with Monroe: Happy Thanksgiving

60 Seconds with Monroe: Happy Thanksgiving

Rarely does the entire clinical staff at a nursing home walk out in protest of working conditions, but that was the case a few months ago in New Mexico. I was made aware of it when I received a call from an 82-year old woman in New Mexico who volunteers to help the elderly make decisions who are at the end of their life.  The manager is a company called OpCo NM, very original, and apparently they have been buying up nursing homes in New Mexico. She believed the people running it were formerly associated with Skyline Healthcare, the company that walked away from more than 100 leased nursing homes after sucking all the cash from them. While I could not verify the connection, given what... Read More »
60 Seconds with Monroe: Happy Thanksgiving

60 Seconds with Monroe: Are We Getting Too Big Again?

One of the consequences of the pandemic, one of many, is that the differentiation between the best operators and the not so good has been increasingly exposed. And of course, investors will seek out the best to manage their properties. But as this happens, the operators who are doing a good or even great job today will start to be spread too thin. Managing 20 communities is a lot different than 50, 100 or more. You can have the procedures and policies in place for 100 properties, but you do start to lose that personal touch, especially if the CEO is very hands on. With REITs and other investors doubling down on either their best operators, or finding others that they perceive to be top... Read More »
60 Seconds with Swett: CCRCs Still Ahead on Occupancy

60 Seconds with Swett: Gloom Prevails at the NIC Conference

As always, it was great to see so many of our industry friends, and plenty of new faces, at the NIC Conference in Chicago last week. And typical of most conferences, many asked us what we thought the mood of the conference was. We wondered if it would be at all better than the grim 2022 Fall conference when the capital markets had fundamentally shifted for the worse. Unfortunately, we cannot say it was better than that. With the 10-year Treasury rate touching 5% at the start of the conference and consistent signals from the Fed that interest rates would be “higher, for longer,” any hope for an improving capital markets environment unleashing a flood of financings and M&A (at higher... Read More »
60 Seconds with Swett: CCRCs Still Ahead on Occupancy

60 Seconds with Swett: Skilled Nursing M&A in 2023 and Beyond

Skilled nursing investors, operators and dealmakers have been on quite the rollercoaster the last several years, with COVID initially threatening the life of the industry quickly shifting to an exuberant M&A market that saw buyers clamor for facilities of all qualities, and paying up for them too. Now, higher capital costs have tempered some of that excitement, and the industry faces a new threat: the minimum staffing mandate. It is safe to say, the party is over, but M&A volume has not fallen off a cliff either. Neither have values. So, how are dealmakers evaluating this new market we are in, and how will investment strategies, the lending environment or valuations change? Join us... Read More »
60 Seconds with Monroe: Happy Thanksgiving

60 Seconds with Monroe: Finding A Solution For LTC Funding

My friend Stephen Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, has been a consistent and persistent advocate for reforming the Medicaid system and getting Americans out of the Medicaid-dependency mindset. He just published, with the Paragon Health Institute, the follow-on to his paper “Long-Term Care: The Problem.” Available now is “Long-Term Care: The Solution.” While I was hoping for something completely new and creative, I can’t disagree with his recommendations, which include 1) stop the ability to purchase Medicaid-exempt assets, 2) eliminate the home equity exemption, 3) ban Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts, 4) disallow Medicaid compliant annuities, and 5) increase the... Read More »