The Brookdale shuffle

On March 1, Brookdale Senior Living announced a major change to its senior leadership. Effective March 18, the company’s President, Mark Ohlendorf, and effective March 11, its former Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer and current Executive Vice President, Kristin Ferge, will step down. Mr. Ohlendorf had served a variety of leadership roles for Brookdale, including as its CFO from March 2007 to November 2015, as co-President from August 2005 to May 2013 and as President from 2013 on. And Ms. Ferge has been an Executive Vice President at Brookdale since August 2005 and its Chief Accounting Officer from July 2014 to the beginning of this year. The company’s CEO, Andy Smith, will assume the role of President and CEO, while recent hires Labeed Diab, COO, and Cindy Baier, CFO, will fill in the other job functions left by Mr. Ohlendorf and Ms. Ferge.


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