The presidential candidates are ignoring the real problems, and people should be sick of it.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting very irritated at this election. And not just because my guy did not win much of anything on Super Tuesday. I am sick of hearing about spray tans, goofy hair, liars, small hands, short stature, building walls paid for by someone else, tax returns… that enough? I really wonder, where have all the grownups gone? Although I don’t agree with him on everything, at least John Kasich is being mature about the issues and his opponents. But one thing is missing from him and all the other candidates. When was the last time you heard them talk about the elderly population? About what the baby boomers are going to do to the already pressured Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs, and where the money will come from. Ideas on how to reform any of these programs? They are too busy trying to out-conservative the others or, on the democratic side, prove who is the most liberal and how much they can give away for free. And the real sad thing? The American public seems to eat it up, many voting for the first time in years for whoever can better insult the other, or who makes the most unrealistic promises. As someone who will qualify for Medicare in three years, I want some serious ideas and discussion, not the crap the media is calling “debates.” We all deserve better, much better, especially the elderly.