Senior Care Investment Rebound

After a dismal first six weeks this year, stocks have rebounded in a big way.

Many of you know that I have been talking and writing about the change in investor sentiment that was taking place from late last year and into 2016. It really culminated in mid-February when pretty much all the senior care provider stocks and REITs collapsed to their new lows. It was all rather depressing, but also counterintuitive because things were not all that bad at the time. Sure, there was some negative news, but the overreaction in the market was just plain astounding. Many people thought it represented a major buying opportunity, even though they were still nervous and wondered if we were really at the bottom in mid-February. Well, it turned out to be a great opportunity. Brookdale and Capital Senior Living are up 35% and 25%, respectively, since those dark days in February. On the post-acute side, Kindred is up 48% and Genesis Health a whopping 61% for those brave souls willing to buy in the downturn. The big three REITs are also all up more than 20% from their mid-February lows as well. So, was this just a short-term slump in sentiment to get rid of the bears? Or are we seeing a temporary, opportunistic bounce? Stay tuned.



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