As 2015 passed by and 2016 hits the half-way point, we are further reminded of just how extreme a year 2014 was, in terms of seniors housing pricing. This was yet again on display when looking at the price-per-unit spread between stabilized and non-stabilized assisted living properties from 2014 to 2015, according the 21st Edition of The Senior Care Acquisition Report. Stabilized assisted living properties in 2014 sold on average for $230,300 per unit, while non-stabilized properties sold for an average of $139,000 per unit, for a spread of $91,300. However, this spread greatly diminished in 2015 to just $61,500, with stabilized properties averaging $200,600 per unit and non-stabilized selling for $139,100 per unit. Despite non-stabilized properties selling on average for virtually the same between years, stabilized properties typically make up about two-thirds of the sales (which held true in both years) and thus have a greater influence on the market average.