A Not-for-Profit’s Skilled Nursing Saga

After several years of operational difficulties and financial losses, a not-for-profit owner is selling its 75-bed skilled nursing facility in Odessa, Texas, with the help of Charles Hilding, Ryan Fleming, Mark Myers and Joshua Jandris of IPA Seniors Housing. The facility, which we believe to be on the older side, hadn’t always been a financial drain. In fact, as recently as 2014, it generated revenues of over $3 million and operated at a 10% margin.

However, ownership extensively renovated the building in 2015/16, which required the closure of a wing. The project hit both operations and the owner’s liquidity hard, prompting the sale. The buyer, Trinity Healthcare, assumed operations in October 2016 and oversaw the renovation’s completion and the closed wing’s reopening. Trinity eventually closed on the real estate in March, ending a long saga for the not-for-profit seller.



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