Despite reimbursement pressures and dropping occupancy levels, investment demand for SNFs remains high. But why?

Do you want to find out who is investing in skilled nursing facilities and why? Perhaps you may be asking, who would invest in the SNF sector today when reimbursement pressures are growing, labor shortages are hurting, occupancy levels are dropping, and costs in general are rising faster than reimbursement?

Actually, a lot of companies are investing in the sector. In fact, in the third quarter, 46% of the targets in the M&A market were skilled nursing facilities or portfolios. And the third quarter was not particularly unusual in this regard. The market remains quite vibrant and pricing has been at record levels for the past two years. Imagine that, the building that no one wants to move into is a building that still sees a lot of demand from investors.

Join me on Thursday when I host a webinar on investing in the skilled nursing sector, with panelists from Sabra Health Care REIT, Diversicare Healthcare and Cascadia Healthcare, all of which are still buying skilled nursing facilities. Come and find out why, and what they see in the market that others may be missing.