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Investing in Assisted Living at a Market Peak

Is now the time to invest in assisted living, build new communities, or sell your inventory? Join me tomorrow as we dissect the current market.

Okay, so you have now all seen Brookdale Senior Living’s share price plunge below $9.00 a share yesterday. It was not so much no news on the sale of the company, but that operations continue to deteriorate from a financial perspective. Costs are up, discount pricing seems prevalent, and while occupancy increased a bit, it was not enough to help. These are real problems, yet in the assisted living acquisition market, average prices remain at record levels. If it is getting worse out there, why are investors continuing to plow money into the sector? And why are developers still building?

Join me tomorrow in our webinar, “Assisted Living: Buying, Selling and Valuing at a Market Peak.” We will explore whether or not we are at a peak, and if not, what will take values higher. If we are at a peak, what should you be buying, if at all, and should you be building or buying? Or maybe it is prudent to just sit on the sidelines, but I don’t think anyone will be doing that. Join me and a great panel of experts as we discuss this evolving market.  



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