There are many differences beyond values between “A and “B” communities, including NOI per unit, operating margin and cap rate.

In 2017, the range in prices paid for seniors housing communities was from $20,000 to over $700,000 per unit. There are many reasons for this rather wide range, and many people divide the market between “A” and “B” properties.

Have you ever wondered what differentiates an “A” community from a “B”? You don’t hear much about those “B” communities, because no one ever markets a “B” property. It just doesn’t sound very, well, marketable.

Tomorrow, we are hosting a webinar where we will present our 2017 “A” vs “B” pricing statistics, and the panelists will weigh in with their thoughts. You will learn who is buying and selling both types of properties, and why. Can B’s become A’s, and do many older A’s eventually become B’s, and what does that do to their valuation.

In addition, we will go over the difference in operating margins, NOI per unit, and cap rates for these two different quality types. Especially in this market, you will want to know the difference, so please join me tomorrow. I promise you, it will be informative.