On Thursday April 12, 2018, we hosted a webinar titled “Pricing “A” vs. “B” Seniors Housing Properties,” where moderator Steve Monroe and panelists Richard Swartz of Cushman & Wakefield, Wayne Kaplan of Premier Senior Living Group and Paul Froning of Focus Healthcare Partners spent 90 minutes detailing the ins and outs of investing in these two very different markets. The panel discussed current pricing of seniors housing properties (broken out between “A” and “B” properties), operating statistics (like occupancy, operating margin and NOI per unit) and cap rates. But they also covered who is buying “A” and “B” properties, and who is selling them, in addition to the risks and rewards of investing in either market. The audience had a few opportunities to voice their opinions too, and here are the results:


  1. Which property type do you prefer as a buyer/lender?


“A” Community               55%

“B” Community               45%


  1. Which property type should have the higher returns?


“A” Community               43%

“B” Community               57%


  1. Which is a riskier acquisition today, an “A” or “B” community?


“A” Community               26%

“B” Community               76%