Innovation and Seniors Housing

Everyone talks about the disruption factor coming to seniors housing, but nobody knows what it is. Can we innovate before it comes?

So, I have been attending the Senior Living Innovation Forum this week, a “smallish,” invite only conference with about 250 attendees. The point of it is to bring in industry insiders and some outsiders to get into the down and dirty about the future of seniors housing in this country.

My session, with four top CEOs on the panel, will be taking a deep dive into the future, where they think the industry will be in 2030, what a potential disruptor could be and whether it will come from outside the industry or inside. Will the disruption be service oriented or real estate oriented? Some pretty heady stuff.

All of this will be in the context of the baby boomers starting to enter our market after 2030, and whether they will embrace seniors housing as it is, or really want something different. And….how will the industry deal with what is only going to be a tighter labor market, especially for lower-wage jobs. Fortunately for them, they will all be retired by 2030, so it will be someone’s else’s problem. But it is a problem we should all work on solving today, right now. Don’t you agree?


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