Join me Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm as I moderate the NIC Valuations session.

By the time you are watching this, I will be walking around the meeting rooms, receptions, and various sessions at the NIC Conference. And please join me today at 4:00 pm as I am moderating the session on valuations called, “What’s It Really Worth?” If you want to find out the answer, join us.

But it is a very good question in today’s market, where capital is still abundant, but the 10-year Treasury rate has doubled in a year and a half. Occupancies are still weak across the board, but there are plenty of providers producing a healthy amount of cash flow. The minimum wage is rising across the country, but that still does not seem to be enough to help attract qualified staff in our seniors housing and care communities.  

While we are heading toward a record for the number of announced acquisitions this year, the dollar volume of these transactions will be far from any record. Why? The lack of the big, headline deals. So, if I hear of any big news this week, you will be the first to know. In the meantime, please stop by and say hello to me and Ben. We want to hear about what you are doing.