Who Won the Battle For the Post-Acute Patient?

On November 1, we hosted the long-awaited Battle for the Post-Acute Patient: SNFs vs. LTACs vs. IRFs. On the webinar, Steve Monroe (our moderator) and panelists Jim Haulihan of Fox Subacute, Mike Munter of Symphony Post Acute Network and Marc Zimmet of Zimmet Healthcare Services Group had a lively discussion about who’s currently winning that battle, how it’s driving up SNF values and whether managed Medicare and Medicaid will be their friend or foe, among other topics. You can listen to the 90-minute webinar here.

But we also wanted to hear what our audience had to say and posed two questions. Here are the results:

  1. Do you believe SNFs should be able to care for current LTAC and IRF patients?



  1. Do you think LTACs and IRFs will be out of business by 2030?





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