Are Assisted Living Prices Sustainable?

On November 15th, we hosted a webinar entitled “Are Assisted Living Prices Sustainable? Premium Prices for a Premium Product.” In it, our editor Steve Monroe and a panel of experts including Brad Clousing of Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Jacob Gehl of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, Adam Kaplan of Solera Senior Living and Jesse Marinko of Phoenix Senior Living, had a wide-ranging discussion on the state of the assisted living market today. Are current values sustainable as high as they are? How do you finance those high-cost transactions and get your desired returns? Is it actually cheaper to build rather than buy an existing community, especially when there’s the risk of Baby Boomers rejecting today’s current product? To find out these answers, and much more, be sure to listen to the 90-minute webinar here.

We also wanted to hear what another group of experts, our audience, had to say. So, we posed a couple of questions. Here are the results:


  1. Do you think we have already reached a peak in pricing?




  1. Have assisted living buildings become too amenity rich?





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