Great Financing Product For Acquisitions

Bridge loans are becoming increasingly important for acquisitions and renovations projects. Find out the details on this important webinar.

If you are in the market for acquisitions, especially value-add acquisitions, or you want to do some major renovations on your existing building, do I have a financing product for you.

I am talking about bridge loans, which are basically short-term loans to get you from point A to point B with your real estate. Their popularity has been increasing in the past few years, with more lenders and more types of products, providing even more liquidity to the seniors housing and care sector than before. Plus, some of the bridge lenders have created their own funding mechanisms to keep the bridge flow going.

Join me tomorrow, as I host a webinar with three major bridge lenders – KeyBank, Housing & Healthcare Finance, and Greystone – and find out how these loans are structured, how much they cost, and when it makes the most sense to do a bridge loan. And since we expect an increase in value-add acquisitions next year and into 2020, these bridge loans will become increasingly important. See you tomorrow.



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