2018: The Year of the Senior Care Deal

Congress and the White House may be at an impasse, but seniors housing and care investors have been making deals at a record-setting pace in 2018. As of now, with a few days left before the usual end-of-year rush of closings, we have recorded 400 publicly announced senior care transactions so far this year. That both beats the previous record (365 deals announced in 2015) and crushes last year’s total of 307 transactions.

Dollar value may be a different story when the year wraps up, as the total of all disclosed prices just tops $12.6 billion, the lowest annual sum since 2013’s $11.7 billion. But we have always said the health of the M&A market should be measured by the number of transactions rather than the total dollar volume, since a few mega deals could distort the picture. Stay tuned next month when announce the final 2018 tally.



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