Maximizing Occupancy in 2019

If you want to increase your occupancy, cash flow and value, you will have to listen to this upcoming webinar.

We are now at the start of a new year, and a new flu season, so all eyes will be on what this year’s flu season will do to occupancy levels.

But if you wait and are reactive to something you have little control over, then it will be too late. Flu season aside, occupancy has been one of the major topics in the industry for the past few years. But there are reasons why some communities are at 100% year in and year out, and others can’t get above 80%.

Join me next Thursday, January 17, for our 2019 kick-off webinar on Building Occupancy and Value in Seniors Housing. You will learn new strategies on how to deal with current census shortfalls. You will hear about new techniques to make sure your online presence is working for you and not someone else. Are you tired of paying referral fees? There are new ways to combat that, but you have to tune in.

Very few people are predicting much of an industry-wide increase in census this year. But with new strategies in place, there is no reason why you can’t see a 500-basis point increase at your community this year. See you next week.



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