Thank Wayne Kaplan

Offering free meals to federal workers without a paycheck is the way to go.

For all of you who have descended on Los Angeles for the annual ASHA meeting this week, please thank Wayne Kaplan of Premier Senior Living for their generosity, and smarts.

At the company’s 23 assisted living and memory care communities located in six states, they have been offering federal workers going without a paycheck free meals at their communities. It can be breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While we don’t know how many people took them up on this offer, think of the goodwill it will generate across their locations, especially when the word gets out. We are making the assumption, of course, that the food is good.

With occupancy challenged these past few years, which local assisted living community do you think these federal workers will be recommending to their friends and family? It is a no brainer. No matter where you stand on the shutdown, opening your doors to the community is a win-win. And, the cost is minimal especially compared with the goodwill generated. While the shutdown is over, for now, if it happens again in a few weeks, think about following Wayne’s lead.



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