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Chicago-based JLL announced it is buying HFF, Inc. in a $2 billion cash and stock deal. We wonder whether HFF management was so distraught after the seniors housing team jumped ship two months ago that they just had to sell. All kidding aside, the combination of these two firms will create one sizable company that will compete on many fronts.


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  1. Steve, JLL has been quietly building out a top flight seniors housing capital markets team. The recent addition of the investment sales team led by Mike Garbers and Cody Tremper is evidence of our commitment to the seniors housing space. We also have a top flight debt team in place, and licenses for HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac seniors housing executions. In addition, we have the ability to source equity, construction. And bridge money from a large array of sources. We are building out our team in a thoughtful and forward-looking manner, with the goal providing innovative and exemplary service to our existing clients and new relationships that we will foster in the future. Anyone wishing to learn more about our services, is welcome to contact me at Thank you Steve for the press coverage!

    1. I don’t know how quiet it has been, but methodical, yes. Anyone else you are looking to acquire? I know, “no comment,” but we look forward to hearing more from JLL/HFF.

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