Active adult communities are taking on a new role in the senior living continuum, and new ones are sprouting up. Find out who is buying and selling, at what cap rates, who is developing and why,  and how these communities may evolve.

You have all been hearing the chatter about active adult communities, something that has been around for several decades but is taking on new meaning, and significance.

Next week, we will be hosting a webinar on this topic, where you can find out who is buying, selling, and at what cap rates, the risk of building today and what demographic they are really focused on and why.

Will these newly developed active adult communities, with few amenities, be the gateway to full service retirement communities several years later? Or will these new developments adapt and evolve into almost full service as the residents start to age in place and need help with activities of daily living. They just may like their community enough to not want to move out.

Most of the full-service retirement communities being built today will not be affordable for many of tomorrow’s retiring baby boomers seeking ease of living at a moderate cost, without having to pay for services they don’t need. Join me next week in what I am sure will be an illuminating discussion and analysis of this market.