Soaring With Seniors

Think about the thrill for your residents, flying in the cockpit of a two-seat biplane, soaring above the land, and free of charge.

Imagine you are 90 years old and living in a senior living community, and maybe a war veteran. Life may not be as exciting as it was, especially if you are not very mobile.

But also imagine if, free of charge, you could spend 15 to 20 minutes flying around in a 1940’s-vintage biplane. That is the mission of Ageless Aviation Dreams, founded in 2011 by Darryl and Carol Fisher (Mission Senior Living). So far, they have completed 3,940 “missions” in 45 states for these deserving residents of your senior living communities, at no cost to you, other than getting them to the local airfield. 

They take five, six or seven of your residents up in their planes, one at a time, just the pilot and your resident, who sits in the co-pilot’s seat. What a thrill, for anyone of any age, but especially for our elderly and veterans who may have never experienced anything like it before.

Selfishly, think of the media publicity with pictures showing your smiling residents as they step off the plane in their helmet and maybe a Snoopy scarf. “Look what residents of (name your company or community) get to do in their spare time,” may read the local headline. 

Because it is free to the resident, the cost has to be covered somehow. So, if your residents have gone soaring, please make a significant donation to keep this going for future residents. And if they haven’t yet, why not donate anyway? You never know when they will want to soar with the eagles. ( 


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  1. I am an Activities Director at Nine Mile Creek Senior Living and just heard about this program. I am VERY interested in more information! We are located in Bloomington, MN. Where are you located?

    1. Elise, the group that does this is a not-for-profit called Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation and can be found at Please contact them and see if they can be in your area.

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