Despite many headwinds, the assisted living acquisition market remains vibrant with high prices and no shortage of buyers. Find out how they are dealing with the issues of aging properties, census and labor in this dynamic webinar.

Prices paid in the assisted living M&A market remain high, despite census, labor and demand headwinds. Obviously, low interest rates and plenty of equity capital have helped maintain current pricing levels. But buyers, and sellers, are facing many issues right now, and into the future. 

Despite all the new development during the past five or more years, the acquisition market is filled with older assisted living communities, and the ones built in the 1990s and 2000s are often beginning to show their age. And, traditional standalone assisted living communities are also not in favor, as those communities with a memory care element usually sell for much higher prices. 

So, how are buyers and sellers going to deal with the reality that standalone anything may have difficulty thriving in this market? How are buyers going to deal with the aging inventory, when sellers all too often are not investing in the needed capex to remain competitive? Who is buying and why, and are there other reasons why investors are selling besides the fact that prices remain relatively high?

Join us tomorrow on our webinar as we tackle these issues of buying and selling assisted living communities in this turbulent market. See you then.