Despite several cancellations we have heard of, we will be at NIC in San Diego to see you and talk deals.

Good morning NIC attendees, at least those of you who decided to brave the coronavirus, which is here, in San Diego. I shouldn’t make light of it, as this virus is a killer, and if it is not contained, could do significant harm to the entire senior living industry. Perhaps in a way worse than even the worst flu season, but on steroids.

Unfortunately, we have heard over the past several days of people canceling their trip to NIC, and entire companies telling their employees not to travel by air for business, even if they already had meetings set up at a conference such as NIC. Well, I braved the NIC meeting in Washington years ago when we had to dodge the D.C. sniper – remember that one – and many spouses did not let their loved ones leave home. No one stopped me. But what were the odds?

So, what are the odds now? As of February 27, there were fewer than 100 confirmed cases in the U.S., and of the 83,000 cases worldwide, 3% have died and 45% have already recovered. Yes, anyone could get it here, but unlike China, we are not trying to hide anything here. Treatment and containment will be faster, and again, what are the odds? I just hope these are not my famous last words. 

Please stop me over the next few days and say hello, but maybe no handshakes, just the elbow touch.