Getting tired of the media and politicians bashing the senior care sector.

Is anyone else tired like I am. I don’t know whether it is the worry about the economy, being infected with COVID-19, having no social life, wondering when the next wave will hit. I could go on.

But what I am really tired of is CNN’s relentless bashing, and the politicians who are piling on, looking for someone to blame, like they always do. But what really ticked me off was the April 29 letter that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, along with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, sent to the leaders of a half dozen of the largest senior living providers. They had a laundry list of more than 50 questions they demanded to have answered by May 8.

In my opinion, these executives have more important things to do during this financial and health crisis. Like protecting the lives of their residents and staff. A one-week deadline or what? Congress can wait an extra week or two, or a month, even though ASHA’s David Schless advised his members to comply with the request. 

This is not a time for politics, but Elizabeth Warren is all about politics. Here is just one of the questions, “How many of your facilities conduct daily or weekly tests of residents and staff?” Where are the COVID-19 test kits? Oh, you have been on recess while all this is going on, helping no one.