Skilled nursing patients are obviously some of the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, and providers have been working hard to minimize their exposure to it. In-house dialysis can be one service that helps that cause by bringing dialysis to the patients, rather than bringing the patients to a dialysis center and exposing them to different environments from the shuttle bus to the center itself three days a week. On top of that, in-house dialysis is just a better and less tiring experience for the patients themselves. 

Concerto Renal Services expanded its in-house dialysis offering to a skilled nursing facility in Kansas City, Missouri that is owned by Ignite Medical Resorts. This will be the first facility in Missouri to receive such services, after Concerto also introduced in-house dialysis for the first time in the state of Kansas in 2019. Ignite also plans to expand its relationship with Concerto in the Kansas City metro area, where it owns another existing facility and one planned to open this Fall.