This year’s NIC Conference will certainly be different, but let’s make the most of the digital social experience.

As you can see, I am not Steve. Ben Swett here, filling in while Steve is out of the office.

Next week is the start of the first virtual NIC Conference, and even though we would obviously rather see all of you in person, we hope to still see you virtually. Over the next two weeks, there will be plenty of educational sessions on finance and the impact of the current pandemic on operations, census and, of course, cash flow. And if you are into nursing homes, where else can you find a former CMS administrator and the current CEO of AHCA at the same place?

I know we’re all tired of talking about the current pandemic, but we still need to learn how to deal with it, and learning from others’ experience will be a great opportunity. What I am looking forward to are the interactive sessions and group chats that NIC is setting up. At these, you will be able to get more personal with attendees who have similar interests. You can sign up for a “Braindate” for a one-on-one or group chat on a topic of interest and see who you will meet.

Look, Steve and I would rather see you in person and buy you a drink in the lobby bar, but it is not to be this year. Still, let’s get together and have a little fun anyway. See you next week.