The active adult market may fill a lot of voids in seniors housing, including price points and attracting younger “seniors.” Join our webinar as we dissect the market with industry leaders and see how these new properties are trading in the market.

First of all, Happy New Year. It has got to be better than the last one.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly disrupted the senior living industry, at least for now. Are consumers going to be afraid of moving into a senior living community once the vaccine is widely distributed? Will cost become a more  important factor for choosing the type of community to move into? How about paying for what you only want or need?

These will all be important issues in the years ahead. But the relatively new active adult market may be in a unique position as we all emerge from last year’s disruptions. 

Active adult is going after a much younger customer base than the rest of seniors housing, which means it may have a larger potential resident pool. The price point is relatively low, and, with all the new construction, they are also relatively new.

Either active adult is going to take the market by storm as it fills a major void in the 68 to 78 age group, or not. Join me next Thursday on our first webinar of the year as we dissect the active adult market, see how affordable it really is, and determine whether it will also fill the void for the “forgotten middle market.” And, of course, cap rates and unit prices. See you then.