The American Seniors Housing Association has been supporting the senior living industry for 30 years now, with David Schless at the helm throughout.

I fondly remember going to my first annual meeting of the American Seniors Housing Association, back when it was part of the National Multifamily Housing Council. Let’s just say it was quite smaller than it is today, and I have to say, a bit more intimate.

If you attended one of those early meetings, you may remember my question to Murry Gunty of Lazard Freres, when in the 1990s he was in the middle of patching together a company that seemed very disorganized, as I outlined his various, unconnected acquisitions. I asked, “So Murry, what’s the strategic plan here?” The room broke into laughter, as did Murry, to his credit. But the last laugh was on me. The company eventually evolved into Atria Senior Living

The one constant at ASHA has been David Schless’s leadership, weathering many industry headwinds and storms, as well as one or two among his own members. But he never wavered, and, unlike some others in similar positions, it was never about him. While I am sure he has an ego, he rarely let’s us see it, even his friends. It has always been about what was best for his members and the seniors housing industry. And for that, he deserves a lot of credit and recognition.

So, David, here’s to you and ASHA. I don’t know about another 30 years, but at least another 10 or 15?