Pyramid Healthcare Management Enters the Skilled Nursing Market

There’s a new entrant to the skilled nursing market. Northeast-based Pyramid Healthcare Management is a recently formed provider, run by two principals in New York and a Tennessee-based principal with operating experience. That will come in handy with the company’s first acquisition for two skilled nursing facilities in Georgia. Both built around 1970, these facilities […]

60 Seconds with Steve
60 Seconds with Steve

Who Is Investing In Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Despite reimbursement pressures and dropping occupancy levels, investment demand for SNFs remains high. But why? Do you want to find out who is investing in skilled nursing facilities and why? Perhaps you may be asking, who would invest in the SNF sector today when reimbursement pressures are growing, labor shortages are hurting, occupancy levels are […]

CBRE Sells A Second First Centrum Independent Living Community

CBRE sold another First Centrum independent living community in Virginia, a couple of years after selling the developer’s 118-unit Glen Allen (Richmond MSA) community for $25.88 million, or $219,280 per unit. The latest deal featured a 120-unit community in Williamsburg. Built in 2010 by First Centrum, it features a range of unit options, from 660- […]

Diving Into CareTrust REIT’s Latest Virginia Acquisition

When CareTrust REIT announced a spate of deals at the beginning of this month, on top of an already busy year, one deal in particular stood out, mainly for the fact that it did not involve a skilled nursing facility. With a couple of exceptions when the REIT purchased a few memory care communities in […]