Preparing for the Future of Seniors Housing

On October 15th, subscribers to The SeniorCare Investor and members of the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) met at the Duane Morris offices in New York City to discuss a topic relevant to many of our readers: the future of the seniors housing market in the 2020s and beyond. Where do you begin on a […]

60 Seconds with Steve
60 Seconds with Steve

Capital, Capital Everywhere

After attending two conferences focusing on two different healthcare real estate sectors, it is all about capital. Having just returned from two different conferences in Florida, the one conclusion I can draw from both of them is that there still is way too much capital looking for yield. One, the Revista-sponsored medical real estate conference, […]

Private Evening in NYC

Members of the American Seniors Housing Association and subscribers to The SeniorCare Investor gathered in New York City on the night of the Rockefeller Center tree lighting in an intimate setting at The Penn Club to hear what Rick Atlas (Atria Senior Living), David Reis (Senior Care Development) and Scott Stewart (Capitol Senior Housing) had […]

Where You Live Matters

The American Seniors Housing Association just launched its website. Last week, the American Seniors Housing Association launched its “Where You Live Matters” campaign ( The website offers an incredible menu of information to help guide seniors and their families to make the right decision for them with regards to senior living options. Independent living, […]