CareTrust Invests in Idaho

CareTrust REIT and Cascadia Healthcare expanded their relationship to 12 facilities and 1,013 total beds with the REIT’s acquisition of a brand-new transitional care facility in Nampa, Idaho. This transaction was by no means out of the blue. Cascadia’s development affiliate opened the 99-bed facility in 2017, but before that, CareTrust had made a preferred […]

The Skilled Nursing Investors Speak

On October 12, we hosted a webinar called “Investing in Skilled Nursing Facilities,” where our editor, Steve Monroe, and a panel of experts, including Joseph Deans of Diversicare Healthcare Services, Steve LaForte of Cascadia Healthcare and Talya Nevo-Hacohen of Sabra Health Care REIT, discussed the skilled nursing M&A environment today. That spanned from who is buying […]

60 Seconds with Steve
60 Seconds with Steve

Who Is Investing In Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Despite reimbursement pressures and dropping occupancy levels, investment demand for SNFs remains high. But why? Do you want to find out who is investing in skilled nursing facilities and why? Perhaps you may be asking, who would invest in the SNF sector today when reimbursement pressures are growing, labor shortages are hurting, occupancy levels are […]

CareTrust REIT Closes Three SNF Deals

CareTrust REIT clearly didn’t get that “Labor Day” is supposed to be a day of relaxation, not of, well, labor. Until the start of September, CareTrust had only announced four transactions, compared with the 13 announced in all of 2016. But the REIT ended summer with a bang, announcing three acquisitions comprising 13 total skilled […]

Back to Boise

Boise, Idaho-based Cascadia Healthcare, a regional provider of transitional/skilled nursing care, just expanded its relationship with one of the more active buyers in 2016, CareTrust REIT. A few months after Cascadia sold (and then leased back) its 98-bed skilled nursing facility in Boise to CareTrust for $8.9 million, or $90,816 per bed, the provider broke […]

CareTrust’s buying spree

What has gotten into CareTrust REIT this year? When most other REITs are taking a significant step back in terms of buying, the California-based CareTrust has made 11 acquisitions, for 21 facilities, so far in 2016 (which already equals the number of facilities acquired in 2015). First, the company purchased two communities in North Carolina […]