Allaire Health Group Leases County-Owned SNF

Joshua Jandris, Mark Myers and Charles Hilding of IPA Seniors Housing represented Morris County (New Jersey) in leasing its 283-bed skilled nursing facility in Morristown. The four-story facility had been struggling, losing as much as $3.8 million in annual EBITDA per year. It didn’t help that the county outsourced all aspects of operations. The facility is […]

The Future of Medicaid Block Grants

Our editor Steve Monroe moderated a webinar on June 8 called “Skilled Nursing Reimbursement Under Trump Care” with panelists Joshua Jandris of IPA Seniors Housing and Marc Zimmet of Zimmet Healthcare Services Group, where they discussed Medicare reimbursement changes, the future of Medicaid managed care plans and the next shoe to drop on the reimbursement […]

A Not-for-Profit’s Skilled Nursing Saga

After several years of operational difficulties and financial losses, a not-for-profit owner is selling its 75-bed skilled nursing facility in Odessa, Texas, with the help of Charles Hilding, Ryan Fleming, Mark Myers and Joshua Jandris of IPA Seniors Housing. The facility, which we believe to be on the older side, hadn’t always been a financial […]