• Brookdale Senior Living Bottoms Out

    It has been a tough go for Brookdale Senior Living for several years, really, ever since its acquisition of Emeritus in 2014. But the pandemic was almost the final nail in its coffin. Now those nails are beginning to be removed, and perhaps the resurrection is in sight.  While there is work still to be done, the big O, as... Read More »
  • Omega Health Investors Makes M&A Moves In Q1

    On May 6, Omega Healthcare Investors released their first quarter earnings report, and it was a period of major acquisition activity and balance sheet improvements that position the REIT well for the recovery that is surely coming soon in senior care. In the first quarter, Omega closed nearly $600 million of acquisitions and $16.8 million in... Read More »
  • SLIB Sells Wisconsin Assisted Living Portfolio

    As if their end-of-April activity wasn’t enough, the Senior Living Investment Brokerage team of Bradley Clousing and Ryan Saul kicked off May with a portfolio sale of three assisted living communities in Wisconsin. Located in the towns of Waukesha and Oshkosh, they total 255 units and were built between 2005 and 2009. The Waukesha community... Read More »
  • Meridian Capital Group Goes All Out in April

    April showers certainly brought a dizzying number of financings closed by the team at Meridian Capital Group, arranged for a combination of 26 assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in seven states. Ari Adlerstein, Ari Dobkin, Josh Simpson, Matt Lesnik, Jesse Rauch, David Gottlieb and Jacob Scott negotiated the transactions, which totaled... Read More »
  • CareTrust REIT Acquires Again in California

    A little over a month after CareTrust REIT first acquired four CCRCs in California, then a 150-bed skilled nursing facility in Santa Barbara, the company has made another Golden State purchase. The latest deal features a 123-bed skilled nursing facility located adjacent to the El Centro Regional Medical Center in El  Centro (Imperial County). The... Read More »
Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?

Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?

Seniors housing occupancy rates still remain low despite an apparent slowdown in new development. Whether you look at the total market, or simply the stabilized properties, second quarter occupancy took a small dip, according to recent numbers from NIC. Truth be told, I was hoping for a slight increase after a relatively modest flu season, even though it did seem to linger. But NIC’s numbers are at the midpoint of the quarter, so things could be more positive by now.  It is still assisted living that is experiencing the continuing problems, dropping 20 basis points sequentially to 87.7% for stabilized communities, but 85.1% when the rest are included. One could look on the bright side and... Read More »
Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?

Thoughts On NIC Conference

New programming was just what the industry needed. Fresh from three days in San Diego attending the NIC “Spring” Conference, there were some noticeable changes, other than many new faces again. At past conferences, most of the sessions had to do with real estate, valuations, operations, competition and financing alternatives. While all important, this was the first NIC where there was an unusual amount of attention to things that most people either don’t want to hear about, or just plain don’t understand. I am speaking of Medicaid managed care, in both skilled nursing and assisted living, Medicare Advantage plans in assisted living, I-SNPs and value-based care, and, of course, the new PDPM... Read More »
Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?

NIC Takeaways

Record NIC attendance hints at continued investor and lender interest in seniors housing and care. It was yet another record crowd at the NIC Conference, which brings up a point I kept on making. If the headwinds are so strong, on many fronts, why are there still so many more people who want to invest, lend or operate in this business? The simple answer is good returns and an even better future, at some point. What were my takeaways? First, that there is just too much equity capital available. Think about that. Ten, 15 and 20 years ago, that statement would have been laughed at. Second, the skilled nursing sector appears to be primed to turn around before seniors housing. Why? There is... Read More »
Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?

NIC, Valuations and Big Deals

Join me Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm as I moderate the NIC Valuations session. By the time you are watching this, I will be walking around the meeting rooms, receptions, and various sessions at the NIC Conference. And please join me today at 4:00 pm as I am moderating the session on valuations called, “What’s It Really Worth?” If you want to find out the answer, join us. But it is a very good question in today’s market, where capital is still abundant, but the 10-year Treasury rate has doubled in a year and a half. Occupancies are still weak across the board, but there are plenty of providers producing a healthy amount of cash flow. The minimum wage is rising across the country, but that... Read More »
Seniors Housing Occupancy Woes

Seniors Housing Occupancy Woes

Recent third quarter data was not promising, but are we looking at the wrong numbers? When NIC released its occupancy stats last week, people were hoping for good news. Hope, however, is not a business plan. The third quarter has historically been a “make-up” quarter, making up for the usual dismal first quarter and the now not-so-good second quarter. It didn’t happen this year, and as we head into the flu season, that is very troubling. What may be more troubling is that in the top 31 MSAs, assisted living unit growth is still at its highest levels since before 2006. And while moderating, assisted living construction as a percent of inventory is still higher than it has been in 13 years.... Read More »